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Product Description: Mastomed P100 Swiss Med

Mastomed P100 Swiss Med is a high-quality and reliable product designed specifically for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. With its potent formula and exceptional benefits, it has become a popular choice among both beginners and experienced athletes. This comprehensive product description will provide you with all the necessary details to make an informed decision.

Specific Details and Features

  • Brand: Swiss Med
  • Product: Mastomed P100
  • Quantity: 10 ampoules of 1ml each
  • Active Ingredient: Drostanolone Propionate
  • Concentration: 100mg/ml
  • Origin: Switzerland

Mastomed P100 Swiss Med is manufactured by Swiss Med, a renowned pharmaceutical company known for its commitment to quality and safety. Each package contains 10 ampoules, each with a volume of 1ml, ensuring a sufficient supply for your bodybuilding needs.

The active ingredient in Mastomed P100 is Drostanolone Propionate, a powerful anabolic steroid that promotes muscle growth, strength, and endurance. It is highly effective in cutting cycles, helping you achieve a lean and sculpted physique.


  • Promotes lean muscle growth
  • Enhances strength and endurance
  • Aids in fat loss and body recomposition
  • Improves muscle definition and vascularity
  • Minimizes estrogen-related side effects
  • Boosts overall athletic performance

Mastomed P100 offers a range of benefits that are highly sought after by bodybuilders. By promoting lean muscle growth, it helps you achieve a more muscular and defined physique. Additionally, it enhances strength and endurance, allowing you to push harder during workouts and achieve better results.

One of the key advantages of Mastomed P100 is its ability to aid in fat loss and body recomposition. It helps burn excess fat while preserving lean muscle mass, resulting in a more shredded and toned appearance. Furthermore, it improves muscle definition and vascularity, giving your muscles a more pronounced and aesthetic look.

Unlike some other anabolic steroids, Mastomed P100 has minimal estrogen-related side effects. This means you can enjoy the benefits of increased muscle mass without worrying about water retention or gynecomastia.

Usage and Dosage

Mastomed P100 is suitable for both beginners and experienced bodybuilders. However, it is important to follow the recommended dosage and cycle duration to ensure optimal results and minimize the risk of side effects.

For beginners, a typical dosage is 100mg every other day, administered via intramuscular injection. The cycle duration is usually 6-8 weeks. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or experienced bodybuilder before starting any steroid cycle.

Experienced bodybuilders may choose to increase the dosage to 200mg every other day, depending on their tolerance and goals. However, it is crucial to monitor your body’s response and adjust the dosage accordingly.

Value and Why Buy from Steroidstablets

When purchasing Mastomed P100, it is essential to choose a reliable and reputable source. Steroidstablets, our online sports pharmacy based in the UK, offers several compelling reasons to buy this product from us:

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At Steroidstablets, we prioritize the authenticity and quality of our products. You can trust that the Mastomed P100 you receive is genuine and manufactured to the highest standards. Our discreet packaging ensures your privacy, and our secure shipping methods guarantee the safe arrival of your order.

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Lastly, we provide fast and reliable delivery within the UK, ensuring that you receive your Mastomed P100 in a timely manner. With Steroidstablets, you can confidently purchase Mastomed P100 Swiss Med and embark on your bodybuilding journey with peace of mind.

Additional information

Active ingredient

Drostanolone Propionate

Active ingredient, mg


form of production


1 ampoule, ml


Ampoules per pack, pcs.



Swiss Med


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